One Radio and a Great God

    In the hands of God Almighty, one radio can work wonders. This is why FEBC Cambodia, known locally as Voice of Love Cambodia, still actively distributes shortwave radios in rural communities where FM signals cannot reach.  

    Shortwave radio 

    “FEBC Cambodia started shortwave broadcasts in 1957 from Philippines. It is still running after many years and generations, even through the Khmer Rouge,” Director of FEBC Cambodia Makara shared.  

    The team started Krusa (Family) FM in 2001, which broadcasts from Phnom Penh to 10 provinces. The relay station in Kampong Thom means FM reaches half of Cambodia’s population. The team also shares content online to reach young people, who make up most of the population. 

    Shortwave radio is still crucial to reach most Cambodians who live in rural areas, especially the rural poor. These include those working in garbage dumps who do not have regular access to mobile phones or the internet. The team often distributes food supplies along with the radios. Each family gets one radio, from which they can listen to the Word of God spoken in Khmer.

    Radios are also given to soldiers.


    FEBC Cambodia regularly distributes shortwave radios to rural communities where FM reception is not available.

    FEBC Cambodia conducts outreaches to the rural poor, distributing radios and necessities, bringing God's love closer to listeners.

      Duong Champa was one who was given a radio. She heard about Jesus Christ, the one true God who loves her, and believed. Her husband also came to faith. 

      “My name is Duong Champa, and I'm 62 years old. I live in Siem Reap. I was converted to Christianity by listening to ‘Voice of Love’ SW radio.”

      But six months into her newfound faith, tragedy struck. "My spouse passed away. I was devastated but was comforted that he was at peace with God.”  

      Persecuted and left alone 

      But instead of receiving support from her village, Duong Champa found herself persecuted. As a Buddhist nation, many cultural practices are intertwined with Buddhism. When Duong Champa did not perform Buddhist rites for her husband, the community saw that as dishonouring. 

      “As a widow who put her faith in God alone, I faced persecution,” Duong Champa recollected. “It seemed like an awful thunderstorm raining down on me at times. I felt hated and ignored. At the same time, I still had a lot of responsibilities. I lost my hope.” 

      Finding hope, reaching others 

      But that one radio became Duong Champa’s lifeline. “Hearing God’s Word through SW empowered me to stand strong in faith.” 

      Jesus not only journeyed with Duong Champa through her grief and persecution, He gave her a new joy. “He has made me sub-village head to oversee many villages. Meeting over 200 different families has been a wonderful and humbling experience. I share the Gospel with them, tell them how to be saved. Six families have recently turned to God, including those who had persecuted me. I give thanks to Jesus Christ, the great God.”  

      Disciple Making 

      FEBC Cambodia is also empowering believers and listeners to be disciple makers through Disciple Making Movement workshops and Bible Courses.  

      Disciple Making Movement 

      Equipping disciples to make disciples!

      Equipping disciples to make disciples!

        Cambodia Community Bible Institute
        Using textbooks and mp3 players, students of the Bible study courses systematically go through the Bible and learn about the basics of Christian Life and making disciples.

        Happy Bible study students and graduates from Thlok Andong and Thnal Tasit villages in Siem Reap province.

         Happy Bible study students and graduates from Thlok Andong and Thnal Tasit villages in Siem Reap province.

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