FEBC Pakistan Sharing Hope over the airwaves

This is a time of great uncertainty in every part of the world. The virus does not respect borders, political positions or social classes. We all stand as vulnerable human beings in the face of this disease, but for those of us who know and love the Lord Jesus we stand assured that no matter what happens to us, our future is secure in Him. We know that we can have hope, not so much in medical science or the discovery of a vaccine or a cure (and we do hope and pray for these things) but we hope in the God who is the creator and sustainer of the universe - the one who we love and serve.

FEBA Pakistan has not rested in their pursuit of producing relevant and current radio programs and public service announcements to broadcast to their listeners amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We are so glad that as a mission, we have the message of hope to share with those who are living in fear at this time and grateful for the technology available to get this message out to those who are without hope.

FEBA Pakistan has received many responses in relation to their in-depth public service announcements aired about COVID-19.

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